Monday, October 15, 2012

Wine Tasting 2012

Jenny, Jeremy, Mark and I had so much fun on our fall wine tasting tour along the St Croix River last year, there was no question we would try to repeat the pleasurable weekend in an encore performance.

We actually ended up going the exact same October weekend as last year. This year the air was crisp and the skies threatened rain, but it was no matter to us. The wine was fine, and the leaves were on grand display ase cruised along the back side of the Forest Lake to the Wine Haven vineyard outside of Chisago. The tasting at Winehaven was actually our second drink of the day. The first was a Bloody Mary with our delicious lunch at the Dockside Cafe in Stillwater.

After tasting a wide array of red wines, white wines and specialty wines (including Cranberry and Pumpkin)  we headed back toward the river. We made a pit stop at Holiday for non alcoholic beverages (and CAFFIENE). Yes, I needed COFFEE at this point.

We crossed the boarder into Wisconsin and stopped at The Indian Creek Winery and Grill on Main Street in St Croix Falls. Since this "winery" is on Main Street, it is more of a "bar" and grill then anything else. We decided to fore go a paid tasting and simply decided to purchase a bottle of their "house" red to enjoy along with the hospitality. It was drizzling (snowing?) when we arrived. By time we finished the bottle, the sprinkles had ceased.

From there we headed a mile or two north to Chateau St. Croix (home of the endless Groupon/Social Living discount wine tasting). About once a month you can pick up online discount voucher for a wine tasting for two with chocolate, cheese and souvenir glasses.

And so we each turned in our 6 wooden nickels to taste the wine.
We ate the chocolate and the cheese.
We bought more wine.
We drank another glass....and we got out the camera.

After, we headed back toward Stillwater. Like last year, we happened upon the perfect pasture to watch a perfect and peaceful sunset. Per Jenny's lead last year, I was prepared with a corkscrew (and plastic cups) in the trunk, so we cracked open another bottle as the light waned in the west.

(Coming soon - Sunset pasture photos courtesy of Jeremy Lyons)

But, the day was not over. Back in town, we had reservations at Dominique Wine  Bar. Our meal was fabulous (so was the wine....).

and then we went to the bar.
and then we acted like college students and went through the Taco Bell and White Castle drive thru.
and then we went back to our hotel room with out bags of food and laughed .
and then we woke up in a wine induced haze and ate free hotel breakfast.
and then we went HOME and took a nap at 10 am before we had to pick up the Twinners from Kelly and Pat's.

Next Year? The Thomberg Lyons wine tour weekend will  most likely head south!

**What I Wore Footnote**
Skinny Jeans - KUT from Hot Mama
Sparkly Tank - Banana Republic last winter (Christmas gift from Chris)
Hoodie - Prairie Underground from Hot Mama (Christmas gift card from Mark plus some)
Boots - Super clearance from DSW two years ago.
Gold Scarf - B.P. last year
Long locket necklace - Esty seller!

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