Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Whole 30 - Anniversary, Birthday, Easter

I think as I type, Mark and I are on day 23 of the Whole 30. I am LOVING this style of healthy eating. I plan to continue many of the practices long beyond 30 days, and hopefully forever.

I haven't had time to upload any photos of the Twinner's in pastel Easter attire or the egg hunt, etc. but I will take a moment to update you on the Whole 30 and how is played out over our wedding anniversay, Mark's Birthday, and Easter with the family.

First off, Mark and I "celebrated" our 9th anniversary. I use the word "celebrated" loosely. We went to work, we came home, we quickly ate some steak and grilled vegetables. I handed Mark some tulips. I took the kids to a birthday party at an indoor play center.

Friday was Mark's 39th Birthday. My girlfriend Jesse came at 7 pm to babysit. Mark and I wanted to get a bite to eat and catch American Reunion. We only had time for Chipolte. We stayed mostly Whole 30 compliant by having the carnitas as a salad. The only slight infraction was eating the fajita vegetables. I later learned they are sauted in soybean oil. We had tomato salsa and guacamole on our salad. No dressing we needed. We headed to the movies, and then we debated, and then we did it. WE BROKE THE WHOLE 30. We indulged in a small popcorn with lots of fake butter. We enjoyed it, but I actually didn't love it as much as I expected.

Sunday was Easter. I brought mashed sweet potatoes, a few finger foods for appetizers, and a tropical fruit salad that was an epic failure. It was totally mushy. Mark and I ate the ham. I am SURE there was sugar added to the ham, but life isn't perfect and niether is any diet. I saw Mark nibble on the blueberry cheddar cheese I brought, and sneak a sugar cookie. I ate the head off a bunny sugar cookie too! It was two tasty frostted little bunny ears. Yes... I did! Other then that, we remained compliant. Neither of us ate ANY Easter Candy. And---It was OKAY. I put one jelly bean in my mouth when I was cleaning up at the end of the night. The sweetness was overwhelming, was not nearly the satisfaction I expected, and I spit it out.

I did make these Sweet and Salty Fudge Bombs. These area a TOTAL treat, but they are Paleo (Whole 30) compliant. They were fantastic and solved my quest for CANDY!

Boring... but its all I have time for right now.

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