Monday, November 3, 2014

Apple Orchard 2014

Another October means another apple orchard visit in the books.
 This year was Pine Haven, outside of White Bear Lake
 Kelly, Pat and Declan joined us.
 We took plenty of photos.
 This was Pat's first trip to the apple orchard. I explained you don't actually PICK APPLES at the Apple Orchard, it is more of a "photo op" thing, where you pay to ride in a wagon, get lost in the corn, and maybe put your kid on a pony, depending on age.
 Ah ha!
 Look at these two handsome fellas!!!!
 See how cute this photo is!
 Dean REALLY, REALLY wanted to take a pumpkin home. Mom is too cheap to pay by the pound!
 Wagon ride "us-ie"!
Another year in the books.

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