Friday, October 31, 2014

A Day on the Farm - 2014

We made our annual MEA treck home to the farm again this fall. Our day began just like last year. Auntie Jan delivered dinner  (roast beef, corn, mashed pototoes and gravy) to the field. Her list to feed included 12 men (or was it 15??)
We rode in the beet lifter with Michael.
Then hitched a ride to the beet dump outside Buffalo Lake with Richie. When I was little I LOVED riding to the dump with our hired man, Scott Markraff. Back then, it was a truck and not a semi.
We stopped at the home farm so the kids could play with Sutton, Saxton and Sawyer, while I sat in the kitchen and gabbed with Shylah. It was perfect. I felt so at home. We also got to load the trunk with gourds.
 Matt gave Dean a combine ride. Marly prefered to drive the mini van around the harvested field. I think it was the highlight of her day. Seriously, the girl doesn't exactly get excited about a combine ride. What is wrong with her???
We also stopped in the farm house I grew up in until 8th grade. It has been abandoned for a long time, and will be razed to the ground to fully farm the 80 -  But this psychedelic carpet remains in the entry way. My mom had an orange and brown love seat that matched. I eventually took it to college. YIKES!
Dean is phoning a friend from the laundry room. I wish that odd colored minty green phone was still in the bathroom with the minty green tub, toilet and sink! Alas, those things were gone.
 For all times, this was our phone number. Naturally, I still know my best friends phone number too.
Too bad I cannot recall Mark's number readily, since I never actually dial it.
The next day, I found this sugar beet in a zip lock bag, in the pantry, in the snack bin. Oh Dean!!!! You are a funny boy!!!

It was another blessed trip home.

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