Friday, August 22, 2014

Peace Lutheran Bible School 2014

My kids attended Bible School at our church for the first time this year. Last year, I couldn't seem to make it work efficiently with childcare. This year wasn't so "efficient" in getting the kids picked up, but it was worth it.
I LOVED Bible School at our tiny church in the middle of the country. My mom played a big role in Bible School. I think she coordinated the crafts, the lunch, and the music. She use to bring our stereo and speakers to church for the week of Bible School each summer. She played the music from the stereo, and new the counter for each song so she could rewind and F fwd for us to sing and practice.
I remember taking trips to Willmar to get crafts. I remember my making the Kool-Aid for lunch. My mom INSISTED on making the Kool-Aid. A sugar beet farmers wife will NOT let watered down Kool-Aid be served to church going children!
I remember playing on the grassy lawn each day - To Late for Supper and Duck Duck Grey Duck. I remember riding the church bell rope up and down to call the kids back in after break.

I remember my cousin coming some years, even though they went to another church.

I remember the Bible School Sunday Program, when it was hosted outside, and the men dame and set up benches. I remember when the worship moved inside and my mom would put huge bouquets of pink peonies on the alter. I remember the big pot luck picnic following the service, which my mom brought fried chicken and that rice bake to. I remember the games for kids, and TOO MUCH CANDY.

I cherish my memories. I wanted my kids to have those memories too. And by weeks-end, Peace Lutheran VBS had given my kids something "remember" too.

We will again be back next year!

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