Thursday, September 4, 2014

The REST of Summer

The kids had a GREAT August. We opted out of A+ childcare at school for the last month. We winged it, and it worked.

The kids spent time at home on Mondays like normal. They spent time with Auntie Kelly and Declan, and had an overnight or two there. They spent time with my Dad and went swimming at the Condo on a bunch of Fridays. And, the Twinners spent a grand amount of true quality time with Grandma and Grandpa Thompson too. They went on adventures around the area, spent time at the beach in Forest Lake and elsewhere. They got fishing rods and Dean LOVED every MINUTE of fishing. They played bad mitten in our backyard. Grandpa threw a football to Dean, and so much more. I hope their time together was priceless for both parties.

The kids also went to a Twin's game with Mark.

We babysat Charlie and Peter for an overnight
 Dad took Dean and Mark to the first Gopher football game of the season. Dean goes to  EVERY football game he can with Papa. He is dedicated and  true fan.

Of course we went broke at the State Fair.

Mark and I went to Toby Keith the first night of the Fair with Jess and her boyfriend Bill, and caught up with the Hentges too. Those outdoor concerts are so much fun!

As usual, we took a Friday off work, headed to the park and ride, hit the Fair as a family, and met my Dad. Marly was getting cranky by time we took this photo. Dean could hang out at the Fair until sundown if given the chance. (Dean has on Gopher ears from the U of M building in this photo). Shortly after this, it started to pour. We booked it across the fair, sloshed through the parking lot, and caught the bus back to our car. We didn't even get to go down the Giant Slide.

As the free days of summer drew to a close, Dean started flag football practice! He is having a grand time.

And to wrap up August and the carefree days, we had the H-we's, Jess & Bill, and Sam for a Labor Day barbecue. We also spent time basking in the sun on the beach and in the water at Brett and Rachel's.... 

... and then it's BACK TO SCHOOL!

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