Monday, August 4, 2014

CDAA Soccer 2014

Last summer Marly played soccer. This summer Dean was in on the action!
Marly and Dean were placed on the same team with the Champlin Dayton Athletic Association, making life very easy and convenient for Mark and me!
Marly with her Bestie - Izzi. The other mustateer (Alex) doesn't like HOT SOCCER! (Marly and Izzi always request to be placed together).
The kids played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Although they don't keep score at this age, Dean DOES! (oh... and you MIGHT catch him doing the "sprinkler" move if he should happen to score!)
 Declan and Kelly were spectators one July evening.
The season wrapped up with a "jamboree" the first Saturday in August, and those ANNOYING trophies for all.

Disclaimor - I told me kids they did NOT earn a trophy for skill, score, wins, or sportsmanship. I told them they receive a trophy solely because mom's and dad's PAY for trophies!!!! I told them I believed they were meaningless pieces of plastic!**

**(there you have my two cents!!!!!!!!!!)

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