Sunday, March 9, 2014


SEVEN years ago 7-27-07 our Twinners entered the world at about 7:57 am.
And here are our Twinners now!!!!
Marly weights in at 48 pounds and 46 inches tall
Dean weights 49 pounds and is 49 inches tall
Outside of school and Dean's karate, they spend most of their time together, and prefer it that way. They still sleep together in the upstairs guest room. I fear their dino and butterfly bedrooms will no longer be "cool" when they actually take up residence in them.
This year we hosted a Thompson February Birthday supper, a Melberg family & friends party with the usual crock pot of shredded turkey, and a BOWLING party with TOO many seven year olds.
Dean has never had an Angry Bird birthday cake.
Marly has never had a princess birthday cake.
...and they couldn't care less.
 I always wonder when it will dawn on them how special they have it in their "twinness".

For now, they remain steadfast and true to each other. They know the world in no other way - which works for us.

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