Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day/Happy Birthday!

Happy Valentine's Day to You! Happy 39th Birthday to me!
A play by play of the day...
 Dressed in red and ready for Valentine's Day.
 Funny faces!
 Marly and Dean were ready for the school party with Pop Rocks and custom labels from an Etsy seller.
Mom was ready to help host Dean's school party and prepared with the craft
For the craft project, I traced hearts on white vases from the Dollar Spot at Target. The kids decorated them, made a label for a loved one, and got to add mums to take home. Dean brought his home for Dad.
 Back at home, I had my own beautiful tulips from Mark.
 Friends arrived, we hired a babysitter for 6 kids, and we headed out for a Valentine/Birthday dinner at Maverick's.
Cheers to me!

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