Friday, November 22, 2013

Halloween 2013 Flashback

Backwards and behind... here is a look at the 6 year old Twinners this Halloween.

Like past years, Nana and Papa took the kids to their neighborhood nature center's annual Fall Halloween Festival. Before the event, the family gathered for pizza. Charlie is still a touch too small to enjoy the early Halloween fun, but costumes were still in order for all. We TRIED to get a group photo of the wee cousins' posing as a cute cowboy and a tiny monster, but the attempt was a bit of a failure! OH WELL!!!

On to the big day, which the kids anticipate with giddy glee for weeks!
Like every year, the kids use the 'Trick or Treat' bags my mom made for Brett and I when we were little.

 Dean wanted to be a "prisoner" or "criminal". He explained he wanted to wear stripes and a ball and chain on his ankle. My brother was a "prisoner" too when we were little. Dean is wearing the shirt my mom sewed for Brett, purged from my big 'ole Rubbermaid Tub full of costumes and etc. from my youth. I made the hat with supplies from JoAnne Fabrics and tattered a pair of black pants from Savers for his bottoms. He was set. The costume included a plastic ball and chain, which he somehow lost at Nana and Papa's the week before!

Our first stop on Halloween was Trunk or Treat at our church. 'Trunk or Treat' at metro area suburban churches are popular. For us Lutherans, it provides a "discreet" way to be "Evangelical". There is candy and hot dogs for all, and at one stop, each kid gets a coloring book about Jesus and a brochure about church tucked inside a neatly tied bag with  more candy and color crayons.
Our neighbor Miss Lily the Witch joined us for the fun.
Of course we carved pumpkins, and lit our little front bush with Halloween light strings. 
You all know I get into my kids' costumes. Every year, my mom dedicated a LOT of nights sewing, and I now appreciate a lot of cash was invested as well on the fabric and patterns for our costumes.

I lack the skill for the sewing machine, but I make up for it. I think each year my kids have "Marlys Worthy" costumes. Yes... that "Marlys Worthy" floats in my not-so-unconscious every year.

Marly wanted to be a "gypsy" this year. We turned a $6 junior's tube top dress from Good Will into a skirt, along with a $3 Justice vest, and long scarf for her waist. She wore last year's pirate peasant top and gold necklace. We picked a bright, coordinating bandanna for her head and iron-on embellishment from JoAnne.

Then I "accidentally" spent $38 on by-the-yard black chiffon ruffle ribbon and gold coin ribbon to "gussy up" the bottom of the thrift store skirt (oops!). She jingled when she walked and loved it!

Both Twinnner's  costumes were a hit.
Too bad Marly was becoming too sick to care by Halloween evening.

If you look at the last photo of Marly, you can see the sickness settling into her face. Looking back, I can see the blood pooling around her eyes. Immediately following this photo taken at about 6:20 pm in the kitchen, she put on her PJ's and went to bed. Her smile was already strained.

...I like to think she could wear her "Gypsy" costume over again next year, but serious, WHO AM I KIDDING???? I love the act of creating their costumes!

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