Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Our Thanksgiving and weekend was filled to the BRIM and our cup overflows with blessings.
I am THANKFUL our Ms. Marly is usually feeling so much better.

I am THANKFUL for our children.
 I am THANKFUL for time in the kitchen on Wednesday to cook fresh, homemade cranberry sauce.
 I am THANKFUL for the opportunity to make dressing to stuff those I love.
I am THANKFUL for wine. (keep'n it real here folks!)
I am THANKFUL for this beautiful, surprise delivery from Chris and Dad.
I am THANKFUL for fantastic family, and our children to gather, eat and spend time with on Thanksgiving Day.

I am THANKFUL to Brett and Rachel for hosting the holiday, and for the joy of being with Dad and Chris, Lester and Edith, and Sarah too.

I am THANKFUL to Sarah and all the nurses, and Chris and all the doctors, who help both in keeping us in good health, and our times of pain and need.

I am THANKFUL for sugary sweet french toast bake in our toasty warm, airy, light filled kitchen on Friday, and every day in our safe and solid home.

I am THANKFUL for too much food in our fridges and cupboards.
I am THANKFUL for a fun Thomberg family trip to the Pinestead Tree Farm on Friday for our Christmas Tree and a successful holiday card photo shoot.

I am THANKFUL for the time Mark and I have as a family.

I am THANKFUL for the love and strong bond our Twinners share with each other.

 I am THANKFUL for this goofy 6 year old boy who was delighted to see Santa, even if he couldn't convince his other half to join him.

I am THANKFUL for the Thompson Family and the time to gather them in our home on Saturday for hearty plates of lasagna and good company.

I am THANKFUL for beautiful, blessed new baby Declan and his lovely mom Kelly, who joined us with Grandma Pauline and Grandpa Gary.

I am THANKFUL to Pat, and all those who work in retail, who put aside their time with family to do their work and meet the fiscal demands of society.

We are BLESSED beyond measure!!!

I give THANKS to all those friends and family who were meeting here, there and elsewhere, and for those who we missed at the Melberg Pizza Party.

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