Monday, November 18, 2013

Feeling Good!

**Update since I wrote the below... A few rough spots on Tuesday, which we EXPECT...

Let me start off by saying this Monday, Marly is doing REALLY WELL!

Last week our girl Marly was like a limp rag doll. She had lost 5 pounds. Her face was ghostly pale with dark rings around her sunken eyes. She rarely smiled, and there were no giggles. When she walked it was slow and deliberate, and oh so slightly hunched over. She would often curl up in a ball on the floor, or contort her body into a strange position to try and escape the pain in her abdomen...

Last week on Tuesday,  Mark voiced something I never expected from him, "I think you should call the Pastor and have them pray for Marly..."  I was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to say it out loud. Except, I have NEVER called anyone from church to silicate or ASK for personal prayers for anything.  (You know I am Lutheran...and.... um... you know....)

But I did call, because Mark and I were that worried and anxious. When anyone offered to pray,  I answered, "Please do."

We knew what is wasn't.... (The Big C, etc...) But what was it? Why was she hurting so much? How could we help her? When would she get better?

Of course we got an answer from our Pediatrician -The long disorder called "HSP" (from which she will recover), that I still struggle to pronounce.

...But we got another answer.
An answer to the prayers....

Marly had a really good weekend. She took it easy, but she played. She laughed. She smiled. She ate. She REFUSED to take a nap on Saturday. She decided to go outside and play after a nap on Sunday, and quickly discovered it was too cold.

A very worried Dean declared over the weekend, "MOM!!!! Mom... I think Marly is getting BETTER!!!! Really! Is she getting better????"

She got a little mouthy too...
: )

At our scheduled doctor visit today, she appeared a changed girl from our last appointment in the exact same exam room not so many days before. The doctor declared this morning, with a smile on her face, Marly was shaping up to be a "mild" case.

There are moments I have been embarrassed I shared socially and publicly my fears and raw emotions for my child's health, and then I remind myself of the prayers that result and the support we receive when we "share".

Thanks for the support!
Thanks of the prayers dear folks!
They appear to be effective!

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