Monday, October 28, 2013

On the Farm

The Twinners and I headed home to the farm Friday of MEA weekend. It was a WONDERFUL day for me, Marly and Dean. I LOVE our day on the farm when we are able to make it out during harvest.
 My cousins farm thousands and thousands of acres. They love the land. I love the land. As a note, farm land today in Renville County is going for $8000 to $12,000 an ACRE.
 Jan went to town to pick up dinner for all the men and hired help. That day she fed Matt, Mike, Loren, Allen, and a BUNCH more. The women feed their family, and men hired to help get the crop out. Jan fed us too. The kids and I ate a the field just like the men. I REALLY wish I had a photo of my hard working cousin and uncles.
We had been riding the combine right before I snapped this photo. Matt had brought the combine to a quick halt and was darting to the back to check a problem with the fuel line. The issue was minor....
 ...but we headed back to the road in the tractor with Loren. My uncle Loren drives the grain cart around the field. This way the combine can UNLOAD with out ever stopping, shaving off hours of work.
 I am sure there are similar photos of Brett and me sitting in giant combine tires.
 The grain card unloading into the semi.
Back at the farm site, unloading the semi... where the corn will be moved into the driers and then to the bins for storage.
 Look at the genuine smile on my Uncle Sheldon's face. He is man who is PROUD of his career - proud to feed America.
 My kids - I won't let them be "city slickers".
 It was too wet for Mike to get into the sugar beet field. It is frustrating and stressful when the weather doesn't cooperate.
 Corn chaff dusted pink ground... pink, pink, pink, drifting everywhere....
 Dean - clutching his bag of field corn, ready for a semi ride back to the field.
Melberg Farms - My heritage, always....

***Unfortunately missing from any photos is my very dear, very loved Aunt Jan. THANK YOU! Words cannot express what you mean to me!

***After picking up Dean at the field from his semi ride, we visited my childhood bestie Cindy at her and her husbands farm. It was fantastic to get an hour or more to sit with my dear, dear friend in her kitchen and just CATCH UP.

What a grand day indeed.

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