Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter from the Thomberg's
 We started our Sunday with a hunt for eggs and Easter baskets. The bunny brought Marly a new kite and Dean a new baseball bat (for Little League). After snapping a few photos and getting sugared-up. It was time to head to church.
I read the scripture and helped serve communion in the narthex for the ChiEaster overflow. We headed home after eating some pasteries and hard boiled eggs from the Youth Continental Breakfast fundraiser. Mark wasn't feeling well... so he stayed at home. The rest of us headed west to Waconia for brunch with Dad, Chris, Kevin, Brett, Rachel (plus the bun in the oven), Charlie, Lester, Edith and Sarah. Somebody else did the cooking for us. We had reservations at an area golf course.

Afterwards, we headed to Brett and Rachel's house.

Play time in the garage.
Picture time.
 Us...minus Mark. Poor guy!

Look at this super cool bunny cake Sarah made.

 By bedtime... after combining all the Easter baskets the kids were kindly gifted, those darn chocolate bunnies had multiplied from 2 to 8! You know what they say about rabbits!!!!
This photo was taken two days ago.  I was about as efficient packing away my 18 (give or take)decor bunnies, as I was getting this blog post complete. As of just this morning, the bunnies are finally bubble wrapped, returned to the Easter tub, and back in the garage.

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