Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The only time we left our resort was for a morning tour to Tulum.
 Sunny skies after a day with ran.
 Dean enjoyed nature more than learning the history.
 And the iguanas.
Dean is pointing at one below.
 Even after he had seen about twenty iguanas, we was still excited for each new one he discovered.
 Our tour guide was a passionate about his Mayan history and sharing it with us.
 Mom and kids, smiling faces, dad behind the lens.
On the beach below the ruins.
 A few minutes of swim time before heading back to the van for the ride back.
 A few big waves and giggles of delight.
Oh yes, and cocunuts!
Dean spent the whole vacation picking them up and dragging them around.
Back to the room, to the beach, or discarding it when he found a better one.
...and still more smiles.

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