Sunday, February 3, 2013

More from Mexico!

If you asked us what we did in Mexico.....
We would tell you we swam in the ocean.
We swam in the pool.
We layed in the sun.
We played in the sand.
We came home with a tan.

Dean got his picture taken with two monkeys, parrots, and a huge Iguana that visited the resort lobby and beach.
We shopped for souvenirs at the hotel mini mall area.
We walked the property and strolled the beach.
I got a massage.

We drank beer, and margaritas, pina colados, and kiddy cocktails.
We went to the swim up bar and the beach bar.
We went to the lobby bar after dinner for popcorn, bar bingo, and a nightcap.
Once and a while mom and dad relaxed with a book, in the sun, or at the lobby bar on our own, while the kids hung out at the Barcy Club.

At Barcy Club, we might return to find a Zombie and Hello Kitty.
After Barcy Club, the kids wanted to swim and play at the Barcy water park with the new friends they made.

We ate breakfast every day at the buffet.
We ate omelets and DONUTS, and so much more.
The donuts were warm, and fresh, and had delicious frosting, and the kids would sneak back for a second one each day, after Mark ate most of their first.
The omelets were made to order.
Some days I drank a Bloody Mary with my coffee.

We ate lunch every day at the Coral Grill.
One day I loaded up a plate for all of us and snuck it to the beach, so as not to miss a minute of sun.
Every night we got dressed for dinner.
The kids wanted to swing in the hammocks each evening.
We walked to the Brazilian restaurant, Caribbean restaurant, French restaurant, or Italian restaurant.
We had a few more drinks, a glass or crappy house wine, or another sugary kiddy cocktail.
We ate desert and ice cream.
We strolled along the ocean by the light of the moon.

And then we went to bed, woke up the next morning, and played REPEAT for seven glorious days!

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