Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ya Ya Camping - Thomberg Summer of Fun

This past winter Gretch and I had a serious discussion about taking the kids camping, just the two of us, in a sort of "Ya Ya" fashion. (...as in the books 'The Devine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood' and 'Little Alters Everywhere' and the Ya Ya movie).

This spring our grand idea took fruition one Sunday morning at the H--'s. We got out our calendars, logged onto the DNR web site, and searched, called, and then booked a campsite at William O'Brien State Park on the St. Croix River.

Our Camp Site needs
  • State Park most user friendly and affordable
  • A bit removed from the bathrooms.
  • Tree cover.
  • Some seclusion from other campers.
  • Near town, activities, and supplies.
  • Not too far away in general.
  • MUST have a swimming beach  for the kids.
  • Electricity a plus.
  • Available Tuesday through the weekend.

In the weeks prior to the camping trip, co workers and friends who know only "one" of our "unit" questioned us. "REALLY... Moms taking their kids camping, in tents, for FIVE nights???? Are you crazy!"

Those who know both halves of the best friendship didn't question us. I'm sure the husbands surely thought this was par for the course with the two of us.

The kids were excited. The moms were excited. Gretchen got nervous the week before. I did NOT. You see, I knew Gretchen would do what Gretchen does best. I knew I would do the things I do best. We all know those are NOT the same things. Indeed, it we fit together perfectly like a puzzle.

We had a grand time. It was hot ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, but cooled down to sleep. No rain. We lucked out.

Here are a few photos.

Our campsite had two tents, a pop up by the picnic table,
coolers, a mini fridge, and a fan in each tent.
We always ate breakfast and lunch from our supplies, and mixed it up for the dinner meal.
We grilled, picked up pizza one night after a long, very fun day at Wild Mountain, and had a great meal out at the Brookside Bar and Grill at Marine on St Croix on Saturday.
90 degrees plus = water, water and more water.
(or even a late afternoon showing of Brave at the air conditioned movie theater.)
Molly deVries and her boys joined us at the beach Friday afternoon.
The men were "invited" to join us for the weekend.
Saturday we headed to Interstate Park in Taylors Falls.
The trip was a success!
We are already talking about next years destination.
As our kids grow, we want them to cherish when "the moms took us camping".

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