Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July

We had a fabulous 4th of July in the record breaking, more-than-100 degree-high humidity- heat..

We spent it at Lake Allie (in the heart of prairie/farm country) at Jan and Sheldon's. The holiday gathering was also a chance to bid adieu to my cousin Mikayla, who left last Friday on a MN musical ambassadors trip to Europe.

The steamy weather was actualy tolerable when sitting in the shade, by the water, with a breeze. To the kids, it was yet another perfect day with sun, sand, and lake.

We enjoyed time with friends and family. We ate delicious pulled turkey sandwiches, salads, and tons of sweets and bars. We road in the boat and cruised on the pontoon. The kids got the sunscreen spray down multiple times, and swam and swam with my cousins' kids and friends' kids. They jumped off the water trampoline OVER and OVER and went tubing. The jet skis whizzed by and got refueled. The golf carts darted around the yard and up and down the lake road.

It was an awesome, traditional MN lake 4th of July.
God I love my family - truly!

Mid-afternoon on Wednesday, the Melberg Men gathered to pose for a historical picture on the Charlie Melberg Farm's home place on my Great-Great Grandfather Charles Melberg's Tractor. The John Deere model A has been loving-ly restored by Charlie #2, to all of it's glory. Charlie #3 was the highlight of the photo.
The Melberg Men
Melberg Family Members
Big Charles Melberg with Little Charles Melberg on the original Charlie Melberg's Tractor

*In case you are curious, the kids were NOT thrilled to be yanked from their water activities on Lake Kandi (Charlie Melberg crew including Ethan & Eric and Maddon) and Lake Allie (Sheldon Melberg crew including Sutton, Saxton & Sawyer and Marly & Dean and Wilson) for this 3 pm photo shoot many miles away from the water. Little Charlie didn't mind the diversion at all and was a good sport!

The Thomberg's capped off the holiday back in the metro with the annual Schmitz Family Riverview Lane fireworks display. You can't beat top notch fire works when the only travel is a walk 5 houses down the street.

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