Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cabin Weekend

It is bloody hot here in Minnesota this summer. I can tell you the Thomberg's feel damn lucky we have so many lake and water opportunities with family and friends to keep us cool. The weekend after the 4th we were invited to Twin Mills. Twin Mills is Rachel's-parent's-cabin on Diamond Lake (back in the area of my nick of the woods, and generally unknown to anyone from the Metro, except for Rachel's parents... but then again, they are originally from my nick of the woods anyway).

We hit the road and headed toward Spicer on Friday afternoon. We kicked off the weekend with supper at Zorba's on Green Lake in Spicer with a bevy of Melberg relies (relatives), then headed over to see the Little Crow Ski Team perform their show in New London. My cousin Brad's kids (Ethan and Eric) skied before the main event, and my cousin Brad performed in a barefoot act .
The skiers had a tough time as the weather was turning and the channel was rough. (Sorry, no photo of Brad.) I suspect in the year's ahead we will be back to see Ethan (10) and Eric (8)  performing and part of the pyramid!
That night we got to sleep in the loft at the cabin. The kids loved climbing the ladder to their beds. The next day was filled with fun, family, friends, food, and WATER!

We paddled around in the canoe and on the paddle boat. Lester (Rachel's Dad) took us on a pontoon ride or two.

Auntie (me) and Tanti (German for Aunt/Sarah) got to play with Little Man Charlie.
Edith (Rachel's mom) showed the kids how to fish.
And the Twinners
jumped off the dock
about a MILLION times!
*not pictured - burgers, brats, salads, candy, treats, the dog, Sarah, my dad and Chris, lawn games, canoeing, paddle boating, Mark, and so much more.

Saturday night we headed home, and Sunday we TOOK A NAP!

It was another FABULOUS weekend during our "Thomberg Summer of Fun". How many people get to say the spent the weekend at their Sister-in-Law's Parent's Cabin??? Thank you so very much to the Ulrich's for having us. We can't wait to come back next year and stay.

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