Thursday, June 7, 2012

Family History Lesson

Have I ever mentioned I like to go to the cemetery? I do. I find the cemetery to be a calming, peaceful, heartfelt place of positive reflection and solitude.

June 1st was the 12th anniversary of my mom's death in a car crash. A week before the anniversary, my dad learned of his uncles 80-something birthday and cake being served in his honor at the BL nursing home where he lives. The birthday 'celebration' was to take place the day before the anniversary. Dad called to see if Brett and I would like to head out with him. I did, and Dean decided to join me.
My kids are no strangers to the cemetary. They have been there many, many times since birth.
Growing up (and beyond) my dad would often go to the cemetery Memorial Day weekend. Carol typically joined us. We would walk around the Hector Cemetery, visit many grave sites, and get a family history lesson. I remember the visit just days before my mom's death. It was cold and rainy. Carol came to our house and we rode together. My mom never came on the cemetery visit, as it was not her own family history.

Now Grandpa David Robert Melberg makes the same visit teaching our family history to Dean (and Marly).  We showed Dean Robert great grandpa Robert Melberg's grave. We visited Grandpa Marlys and covered the "s" for Marly's name. We moved on to great-great-great's and this and that and more.

We had a wonderful afternoon at the cemetery. Dad always places flowers on the alter at his church the Sunday before the anniversary of Mom's death. We bring the flowers out if we are able to make the visit.

p.s  - Dean also did well at the Nursing Home after the cemetery visit. I spent way too many Saturday or Sunday afternoons of my childhood to count visiting the same nursing home. It was a part of our lives visiting my Grandma and then my Grandpa (and others) on a weekly basis. My own children have never been to such a place before.)

p.p.s. - You may note this post is out of order, and occurred PRIOR to bike post.

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