Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Stinker!

I have to share about our POOP incident while Up North.

Dean was taking a nap one afternoon in his Pack n' Play. When he started to cry, I went to check on him. The room smelled terrible, and clearly at least one child needed a diaper change. I went to pick up Dean. For whatever reason, I had not put his shorts on him before putting him down for his nap. Not only where his shorts missing, but his diaper was gone too! It was in the crib. Next to the crib was a chunk of POOP.

Oh Dear! I take Dean to the living room for a diaper change. I notice POOP all over his legs, etc. Hmmm -- we are going to need a bath here. Obviously he had his hands on it. I go back in the kid's room because Marly is beginning to make noise.

Oh Dear! There is another larger chunk of POOP next to her head. I suspect Dean was throwing it at her, missed the first time, but landed it right inside her Pack n' Play in his second shot. She got a bath too for good measure.

Of course Mark gives this whole gaggy, "I am going to throw up!" bit. Whatever dude! It's POOP! He freaks out at baby boogers too. Good Lord!

The photo is of Dean in front of our condo looking very innocent with his best friend Oscar- after his bath. I will refer to Oscar as his best friend (rather then Marly) because Dean didn't throw POOP at Oscar.

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happygal said...

that is so "the brother" to throw poop...i am still laughing.



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