Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

This Mother's Day I choose to do something unusual for me! We spent  the day as a the Thomberg Foursome.  You know we normally have brunch or lunch with the other Mother's or women in our lives, and have hosted many times myself.
 This year, I choose a day surrounded by the three individuals that make me a mom - Mark, Marly and Dean.  We started off at church, where our family greeted and Mark and I served Communion.
The kids made this "bling" for me at Sunday School.

From there, we headed to Taylor's Falls for a picnic with cheese, salomi, olives and more from Byerly's. We hiked along the bluff. After I got a Latte from a coffee shop on Main Street and we headed across to the Wisconsin side heading south.

Back in town at Stillwater we got ice cream, hung out by the River, and meander home.

We continued our yearly burger tradition, but this time we went simply and picked it up at Sonic Burger.

It was a WONDERFUL and AMAZING day and I had a fantastic time!

...and I may have purchased these Maui Jim's off e-bay as a gift too!!!

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