Friday, June 6, 2014

Oliver the Dog!

Meet our new pet - Oliver the miniature schnauzer puppy!

Mark has talked about a puppy for a year or two now, and in last 6 months, the discussion has ramped up. Last Christmas, Mark began noting some darling Facebook photos of a friends new puppy on my Facebook Feed. Each time, Mark would comment something like,

  • "Hey - Did you see Kathyrn's puppy?"
  • "Isn't he soooo cute?"
  • "Can you find out where she got him?"
  • "I started following that breeder on Facebook for you where Kathryn got the dog."
  • "Did you see 'Marly's Schnauzers' has a new litter of puppies?"
  • "Maybe we should get one of those new puppies..."

Then one night this spring he said, "Oh, by the way... I sent a down payment on that black and white puppy on Facebook..."

Fast forward 8 weeks.

Mark and I took a "date day" of PTO from work and headed to Lakeville with kennel in car to pick up the dog we had already named "Oliver". The kids had NO IDEA, although we had taken a family vote on a dog name, if we were to ever get a dog.

 After school, I picked Dean up from the bus stop, and then cruised back to school to get Marly from her reading tutor, then headed home. The kids walked in the door, and 4 pound Oliver was sitting at the top of the steps. Mark had the video rolling on the I-phone.... and there was......

 Dean asked, "What is that?"
Then both kids circled the tiny puppy.
Marly asked, "Whose dog is this?"
It wasn't until we were eating supper on the patio (with Oliver on the floor near us), that Marly began to believe this was OUR DOG - Forever!!!

Dean offered to "re-enact" there arrival home from school, with more excitement and drama. Dad declined the offer. After supper Marly took Oliver around to many neighbor's, rang door-bells, and introduced her NEW PUPPY Oliver!

He is here to stay, and has made regular trips to the bus stop, been to the Champlin Parade, and meet all the neighborhood pouches!

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