Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mickey and Friends

Mickey at the Tusker House lunch at Animal Kingdom.

Pluto at our hotel breakfast!


...and Daisy too!

Princesses? This girl is GA GA for Daisy and MINNIE!

We used our third FastPass at the Animal Kingdon to meet MINNIE! Marly had been asking to meet her at least ten times a day since we met Mickey the first night. She couldn't have been happier to meet Minnie. She was almost as excited to see Minnie in her RED polka dot dress with her trademark YELLOW shoes, from across the plaza, greeting guests, on our next visit back at the Magic Kingdom.

Notice Minnie in the background below at Epcot. Marly "might" have brought home Minnie sequin ears, this dress with pink ears, a Minnie key chain for her backpack (and a second one with Daisy), a Minnie pillow pet (from Nana), and a Minnie stuffed animal (purchase with the last of the birthday money she brought,  on our LAST day, just before heading to the airport)

Just say'n

Goofy is a cool cat (dog) too. Not to be confused with Pluto (the other dog). We told the kids we would buy them ONE stuffed animal at Disney, and one t-shirt. Dean picked Pluto for his stuffed animal. Marly picked the lovely Lady. I wonder if the various dogs is a twin thing? When I was kid, mom and dad bought me Chip, and Brett picked Donald. 

Hugs from Mickey are the best!

Mickey and Minnie topiaries at Epcot for the Spring Flower Show!

Donald and Daisy, Mickey and Minnie, and so many friends at the parades!

Mickey for a snack.

Just Mickey's ears.

Mickey for breakfast!

And finally, you can even find Mickey on the man hole covers!

So long Mickey and Friends! We will miss you, and hope to return again!

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