Sunday, April 13, 2014

battle wounds

Marly got her first ever battle wound and stitches this week.
I got a call from the school nurse around 11 am on Monday.
Marly had fallen in class and probably needed stitches on her head.

The nurse was calm. I was calm. I will admit I actually chuckled. Every parent eventually gets a call like this, right??? These things happen. Many adults have a story about that nearly invisible scar, only they can see.

I finished up the e mail I was working on, stopped to say good-bye to my co-workers, and alerted them I probably wouldn't be back.

When I picked up Marly, she was so silent and looked terrified. We headed back across the river (I cross the Mississippi multiple times a day) to Urgent Care. 
Marly had been hearing everyone whisper "stitches" and was scared. We got an awesome doctor who was also a grandpa. Marly only cried when it was just the two of us, otherwise - she was a total TOUGH-ee.  The doctor returned. Marly hopped up on the table without hesitation, asked for my hand, squeezed tight when he injected the Novocaine, didn't move, didn't cry, and didn't flinch. The very brave patient came home with five or six stitches in the two gashes on her forehead (caused by a run in with a bookcase).

Ice cream makes EVERYTHING better. On the way home we stopped at McDonald's and got lunch and a Shamrock Shake. Us girls enjoyed a lovely spring lunch date on the patio back at  home, and we were both SMILING!

Saturday we returned to the clinic to get the stitches out. The same lovely nurse as Monday assisted us. She said Marly was probably the bravest/toughest/calmest girl to get stitches she had seen. I have been told from time to time, I have a high threshold for pain. (I really don't know how one can know that about themself....maybe I just KEEP CALM).

Marly is like me. She can KEEP CALM!

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