Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Vacation 2014

Dad and Chris took us back UP NORTH for our summer family vacation. The Lutsen area will ALWAYS be a tried and true family favorite, from which we will never tire. With Peter being barely a year, Brett and Rachel and the boys opted out, but we hope to all gather together somewhere next summer.

In the mean time.... The Thomberg four-some headed north and kicked off vacation with an over-night in Duluth. We stayed in the Sheraton down-town and spent time in Canal Park. We rode the Suri bikes along the Lake Walk, and had the pleasure of meeting up with the Walter crew at Grandma's the first night for supper. Carol, Loren and Jeff, Jared, wives and kids were vacationing in Duluth at the SAME TIME, which was soooo cool (So dang cool I don't have a SINGLE photo!)

We kicked off Sunday by heading  up the block from our  hotel to the Duluth Coffee Company on Superior Street. We walked out with a SUPURB latte (with perfect frothe), before cruising another two hours up the shore and checked in for a week at Bluefin Bay.

I highly recommend this resort as the perfect destination for families and multiple generations.

You can walk to the Coho for coffee or treat, there is an indoor and outdoor (YEAR ROUND) pool, a bar with acoustic music every other night for the adults, a good restaurant, bikes for check out any time (adjacent to a major trail system within easy distance to Temperance River State Park), nightly campfires, a great kids program, and of course - a place to play on the rocks. I think we may be back next year!
Wednesday we headed south on 61 to the Split Rock LightHouse to meet the Walter Crew. Once again, I cannot seem to locate any photos, but is was SO MUCH FUN. It was an AWESOME time to connect with cousin's I don't get to spend regular family time with.
We all ate lunch, then spent the afternoon hiking at Gooseberry. (Okay the kids and grandkids hiked, the older adults were driven down to the lake shore by Mark). All the grandkids played by the water, and of course one had to fall in (Marly this time...) It was THE - BEST - DAY and I need to locate some photos!
You can bet we went down the Alpine Slide on afternoon.
 At age 7 you are instructed to ride solo. Dean was all for it. Marly opted to pretend to be 6.
Mark and I also kayaked on Lake Superior at the resort that same morning.
Saturday we headed in to Grand Marais and sailed abourd the Schooner Hjordis through the North HouseFolk School. Unfortunately is was cloudy, raining, cold and foggie!
 Oh well, afterward we got lunch, a hot latte, donuts at the "World's Greatest Donuts", threw more rocks on the beach and it was yet another grand day!
There was also plenty of time for naps, relaxing, a cocktail in the late afternoon, a meal out at Lutsen Resort, Naruralist talks in the evening, a puzzle on the coffee table, walks and whatever else you did or didn't want to do.
 and of course, we spent time being just plain silly. Below are Marly and Nana. They are pointing at one the crafty projects Nana brought with to entertain the kids.
A grand, wonderful, memorable time was had by all.
(Sunday is was time to get back and return home to Oliver the dog!)

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