Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This and That

A little of this.. a little of that... and a bunch of I phone photos.

A few weeks back I attended a high school friend's wedding.
 It was a grand chance to see my DEAREST and oldest friend (not in age, but instead longevity) Cindy. I rarely see her in person, but with texting and Facebook she is always close at hand and close at heart.
The classmates and our hubbies filled a table at the reception at the Hilton in Bloomington and it was great fun. The bride was happy as a clam! The other grand things about wedding for individuals established in thier lives - good food and open bar! The next day I got to see my classmate Angie again at my cousin Mikayla's graduation party. The only problem with heading home for any party is Dean doesn't want to leave and break up the fun with all his cousins!
 Little League baseball will soon wrap up for the year. Look at this handsome dad volunteering behing the concession stand counter.
Mark's Father's Day presents were sweet treats this year. Dreamy Nadia cupcakes from Maple Grove and Truffles and Tortes in Anoka earlier in the week.

On Father's Day we went to church (and were late again), headed to Brett and Rachel's for lunch with Dad and Chris and some beach time, then headed home by way of Lake Minnetonka for ice cream in Wayzata.

And I finally picked up the glassses I ordered for driving this week. The frames are green and I am quite the sassafrass in them.

Take Care All!!

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