Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wet Beds!

I thought this week I would be blogging about how Dean graduated from his Bedtime pull-ups several weeks back, and Marly this week...

But last night changed all that. I'll give it to you in numbers.

3 - Number of beds stripped and number of times the washer was loaded with sheets/waterproof mattress pads before 6:15 am.

2- The number of wet comforters on my floor at 6:30 am.

1 - Number of beds 1/2 re-made when I left for work at 8 am.

2 - Number of mommy-blunders overnight. The first one was putting Marly back to bed at 11:45 in dry underwear instead of a pull-up when she wet the bed the FIRST time. The second was remaking her bed with OUT the waterproof matress pad, because it was WET, and then putting her in it with OUT a pull-up.

1 - Number of matresses that required use of the Bissel Little Green Spot Machine.

2 - The number of times Marly wet the bed last night.

1 - The number of times Dean wet the bed last night.

2 - The number of children in my bed at 5:15 am after Mark left for work.

2- Number of Pull Up packages purchased this morning at Walmart to replenish my stash, because there is no such thing as uni-sex pull ups.

??? - Number of hours of sleep lost by mommy!

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